Curious Cows? How To Keep Them From Falling Inside Your Septic System

If you live on a farm with a deteriorating septic system, replace it fast. Sometimes, cows and other livestock become curious about their surroundings when they graze the land. If your farm animals fall into the septic system, they can injure their bodies on the metal tank. Your septic system can also back up into the home and property. Here are things you can do to protect your curious cows and septic system.

Why Install a New Septic System?

When the soil around your septic tank collapse or deteriorates, it keeps the system from working properly. Your plumbing system backs up in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. The compromised system also prevents you from receiving fresh, clean water for your daily living needs.

In addition, your cows can accidentally wander over to the damaged soil and break their legs. If the cows' immense weight collapses the soil, your animals fall into the septic system and become trapped.

If rainwater and heat penetrate the bad soil, they damage the housing of your septic tank. The tank rusts or collapses deeper into the ground, which means you need to hire someone to raise and stabilize it for you.

Installing a new septic system and rebuilding the soil over it are the best ways to protect your home and animals. 

How to Protect the Cows and Septic System After Installation?

The new septic system's tank should feature a stainless steel housing that wards off rust and water damage. Although fiberglass and plastic tanks work well, they may not stand up to the internal and external pressure placed on them during use. Stainless steel is better because it contains nickel, silver and other metals that make it stronger than regular steel, fiberglass and plastic.

In addition to a new system, rebuilding the soil over it is critical. To do so, place fill dirt over the newly installed system and tank to strengthen, rebuild and reinforce your soil. The soil is dense enough to support heavy weights, including your cows.

Fill dirt contains rocks and other hard sediments that keep rainwater, melted snow and other wet conditions at bay. Instead of penetrating the soil, the water beads on the surface or runs off to a location away from the system. Combined with the stainless steel tank, fill dirt may prevent future problems with your septic system and cows.

For more information about septic system installation, contact Koberlein Environmental Services or a similar company.