How To Make Portable Toilets More Appealing To Guests At An Event

If you're hosting an event, such as a concert, outdoor festival, or the like, then you'll probably be renting toilets so that your guests have somewhere to take care of their business. Unfortunately, portable toilets have an unsatisfactory reputation as being stinky and unclean. This does not have to be the case at your event! Follow these tips, and your guests will be commenting about how clean and appealing the toilets are.

Spring for the "premium" toilet rental.

Many toilet rental places will offer several different varieties of toilets. The most basic option will just be a portable toilet with no frills whatsoever. If you pay a little more, however, you can likely get portable toilets that have a hand-washing station built right in. They may also have a specially designed toilet with a flap which ensures nobody has to look into the toilet when using it. While you have to pay a bit more for these features, doing so will be worth it, since it will increase your guests' satisfaction and improve your reputation for future events.

Space the toilets out.

When you have a large number of toilets close together, the stink tends to multiply and become more noticeable. If you divide the toilets and place several in a few different areas, not only will any smells be less noticeable, but the guests also won't have to travel so far from where they are to get to the toilets -- assuming you space the toilet areas out evenly throughout the event grounds.

Place fragrant flowers or sachets near the toilets.

You can cover up mild smells that come from the toilets by placing some pots of fragrant flowers, such as lily of the valley or sweet peas, near the toilet area. Another option is to make some sachets with scented potpourri. Hang these from trees near the toilet area, or tie them directly onto the doors of the toilets. As long as your event is only a couple of days long, these measures should be enough to camouflage the odors or at least make them more bearable.

Nobody should have to hold their nose while waiting for a toilet, or worry that their hands are dirty after using one. Portable toilets will never be luxurious, spa-style facilities, but with the tips above, they can be tolerable, sanitary places for your guests to do their business while at your event.

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