Installing A Septic Tank On Your Property: Types You Can Consider

If you live in an area outside city limits where you don't have access to the municipal sewer plant, you need a septic tank installed on your property to filter and remove wastewater safely from your property. This is a process done by a septic services company that is skilled in securing a healthy location for digging and placing your new tank for use. The average cost of septic tank installation fluctuates between $3,000 and $25,000. The price is affected by how large you need your septic tank to be and whether you are doing a new install or simply replacing an older tank. The smaller the tank, the cheaper your costs often are. If you don't know what kind of septic tank you want on your property, you can help decide by knowing the differences between concrete, steel, and fiberglass models.


The most popular type of septic tank is concrete due to its durable material and relatively low cost. While this type of septic tank is susceptible to eventual cracks, it doesn't experience a high level of erosion compared to other styles. As another benefit, a concrete septic tank can last up to 40 years or more with proper installation. Talk to your septic tank installation expert to see if a concrete model is your best option.


This is a style of septic tank that you can use if you want a lighter-weight model. The benefits of fiberglass are that it does not rust like a steel or other metal tank and isn't prone to the same cracking that a concrete one is. The lighter weight of this material, however, can be easily dented, so it's best not to use fiberglass as a septic tank option if you need to build a large system or are burying it deep in the ground.


Steel is a very affordable style of septic tank, making it popular among some homeowners. Steel is prone to erosion and doesn't last as long as a concrete model does, so you should take this into consideration before choosing this style of septic tank. Your septic tank installation expert can help you decide if steel is the right type of septic tank for your needs based on your budget and how large you want your system to be.

A septic tank is necessary to help you get rid of wastes in your home so your property can be safer. Whether you choose fiberglass, steel, or even a concrete septic tank for installation, you can expect your unit to last for many years if it is properly installed. Contact professionals like AMERICAN SEPTIC SERVICES LLC for more information.