When Will You Know To Clean Your Septic Tank?

Although, no matter what the case, you should have your septic tank cleaned out once per three to five years, there are a few occasions when you might want to do so beforehand. Read on and discover a few of the times when you should definitely have your septic tank cleaned.

Your Drains Are Moving Slowly

If you notice a drain that is moving slowly, there's probably little need for worry. The likely culprit is a simple clog. However, if you notice that most or all of the drains in your home are moving slowly, the septic tank is full and needs to be pumped. Your plumbing can become severely backed up due to the fact that the sewage drain will have no place to go. If augers and chemical clog removers aren't helping the case, call on the services of a septic tank repair person or technician like those at Martin Septic Service Inc.

Curious Smells

As a general rule of thumb: septic tanks don't smell bad, and they don't cause your home to smell bad. If your lawn does smell of sewage, then there's a definite problem. One of the potential culprits is that your septic tank is backed up and needs a good cleaning. If you notice any particularly pungent or even toxic smelling odors coming from your kitchen, bathroom, or even your drain field, call on the services of a septic tank technician right away, as your plumbing is probably becoming backed up and it is possible that some of the sewage is being dumped into your drain field.

Other Drain Field Issues

Besides a curious smell coming from your drain field, there might be other issues revolving around this important area for your septic tank. A drain field is where clean water is dumped from your septic tank. There should be no sewage in the area. A drain field should also look no different than any other part of your lawn. If you notice that the grass around the drain field – which should be adjacent to your septic tank – looks a bit different, especially if it is dying or turning a brownish hue, then this might be a problem. Similarly, while it might be a bit damper than other areas of your lawn, the drain field should never be sopping wet. A drain field that is mushy and soaked is just one of the symptoms of a septic tank that needs to be pumped.