Drains That No Longer Drain Can Point To Serious Issues

Are you a long-time homeowner? Do your toilet, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures no longer drain the way that they used to? If you've lived in the house for a while, it's probably time for you to hire a professional plumber to clean out your sewer line. There are a variety of reasons why you would want to do this. A few of the most important reasons are:

Line collapse: Unfortunately, no sewer or septic line material will last forever. Over time, your sewer line can crack, decay, and settle. This can result in dips and peaks along your sewer line. Even if these dips or peaks are slight, they are still places where the raw sewage can puddle, allowing solids to collect and build up over time. Eventually, the usable pipe diameter will be significantly smaller than the actual piping. A sewer cleaning service can pull these collected sewage solids out of your septic line and alert you to any serious issues like broken bits of pipe that are mixed in with the waste.

Root encroachment: A sewage pipe is a great environment for plant roots. Not only is there necessary moisture, but plants can also make use of whatever nutrients happen to be dissolved in the water. Unfortunately, some roots can be more problematic than others. If your zinnias find a crack in the pipe, you may not notice anything except your flowers looking bigger than usual. But if you have a large willow, birch, poplar, or other type of tree in your yard, you could have some serious issues. At the smallest sign of moisture and nutrients, trees can force their way into a sewer pipe and cause serious damage. If you have any trees in your yard, it's especially important for you to hire a sewer cleaning service regularly so that roots can be removed and discouraged from continuing to grow within the pipe.

Inorganic debris: If you have young children, there's a good chance that, unbeknownst to you, your sewer line is the final resting place of many blocks and action figures. Young children love to flush the toilet and watch things disappear down the drain. They're also too young to know that something as simple as a crayon can cause huge problems in the future. As the toy departs your house via the septic system, the water pressure that is pushing it along will drop as it gets further away. Unfortunately, this means that the water may no longer be able to push the toy in question to the main sewer or into your septic tank. It will then lie in your sewer line, collecting other sewage solids, until a serious clog forms. Just like with other sewer issues, a sewer cleaning service like Jarrach Cesspools can remove this clog and allow your septic waste to flow freely once again.