3 Ways To Keep Your Storm Drain From Clogging Up

If you have a storm drain in front of your business that helps to redirect the water away from your business, you are going to want to make sure that water is able to flow freely into the storm drain. There are steps you can take to ensure that water doesn't build-up in your storm drain.

Clean Around Your Storm Drain

Cleaning around your storm drain is the most powerful step you can take to prevent your storm drain from getting all clogged up with debris. Rake up the leaves and sticks in the immediate vicinity of your storm drain. Put these items into the compost or trash.

When you know that a big rainstorm in on the way, go outside and make sure that your storm drain is clear of debris. Also, check around the storm drain for debris. Remember, debris can easily be carried by streams of water to your storm drain and clog things up, which is why you want to clean the entire area around your storm drain.

Keep Trash & Leaves Out of Your Storm Drain

When you clean around your storm drain, don't try to put the leaves and trash that you rake up into your storm drain. Your storm drain is not a garbage disposal. When you put leaves and trash into your storm drain, they are more than likely just going to stay put, stuck at the entrance, causing the water to back-up.

When you clean around your storm drain, collect the waste and put it in your compost pile or trash. The waste is not going to quickly decompose in your storm drain, and will just lead to problems down the road for you.

Clean Out Your Storm Drain

Despite your best efforts, debris may make its way through your storm drain. Your storm drain is made to help carry water away from your home, not trash, leaves, and sticks. It is a good idea to clean out your storm drains throughout the year.

To start with, you can simply put on gloves and pull out any leaves or debris that is on top of your cover or hanging onto the cover. This is a simple way to get rid of debris that you can see.

If you can remove your storm drain cover, you can use a shovel or rake to pull out and remove the debris that you see. It is best to use a tool to pull debris out of your storm drain. Make sure you put the cover back on, nice and tight, in the end.

At least once a year, you are going to want to have a professional come and clean out your storm drains. They will be able to use tools to clean past the entrance of your storm drain. They will be able to pull out all the junk that has accumulated down the path of your storm drain, past where you can see. Contact a company, like JPW PROPERTIES , INC, for more help.