Three Signs Your Septic Tank Needs To Be Pumped

A home's septic system will be a critical component of the house. However, homeowners are often ill-prepared to maintain these systems. One of the most important types of maintenance that the system can undergo will be regular septic pumping. For homeowners that are unaware of the warning signs that this work needs to be done, there are a few that are particularly important to recognize.

It Has Been More Than A Few Years Since The Last Pumping

It is necessary for a septic system to be pumped every few years if it is to remain fully functional. When the system is not regularly pumped, it can be possible for serious clogs to form or other problems to arise. Many homeowners may not keep accurate records of when they have this work done, which can make it difficult to know when it will be needed next. If you are unsure as to whether this work needs to be done, you can have the septic tank inspected to determine whether it is nearing capacity.

The Drains In The Home Are Starting To Slow

It may not be particularly unusual for one of your drains to occasionally slow. In most instances, drain snakes or chemical clog removers will be sufficient to address this problem. However, if all of the drains in the home are starting to run slow, this could indicate that the septic tank is approaching capacity. In some instances, pumping the tank may fail to alleviate the slow drains. When this is the case, it could indicate that some of the debris from the full tank has become lodged in the drainage pipes for the system. These materials will have to be removed in order for the system to be able to resume normal drainage.

Water Is Pooling In The Yard

Water pooling in the yard near the septic tank can be another sign that the system is in dire needing of being pumped. As the tank fills, it will be unable to release the water flowing into it in a controlled manner. When this is the case, you may notice that your yard starts to develop pools of water soon after you use large amounts of water in the home. In addition to indicating issues with your septic tank, this problem can also create problems for your landscaping as it can lead to erosion or soil contamination. For these reasons, you should take this warning sign particularly serious.