3 Important Things To Look For When Renting Portable Restrooms

Portable restroom rentals are important resources for events that take place outside. These units can vary quite a bit today, but you can make the perfect rental selection by looking for these three things. 

1. Ample Space  

When people have to use the bathroom at an event, they deserve to have as much room as possible. After all, there will be some restroom users who have a lot of personal belongings with them. The best way to make sure your portable restrooms are spacious enough is to examine them in person.

After locating a supplier, take a look at their portable restrooms from the inside. See how far you can spread your arms out while sitting down and standing. There should be plenty of space. If you can't be in-person to inspect these units, then make sure you carefully assess their interior dimensions online.

2. Ventilation Pipes 

Portable restrooms often have a stigma of being gross and smelly. These negative connotations can hurt your event in a major way. To counteract people's preconceived notions, you need to look for portable restrooms with ventilation pipes.

They're pointed upward to allow bad odors inside these restrooms to escape into the air outside. Foul odors thus won't be confined inside your rental restrooms, making people feel embarrassed or sick to their stomach. People will not be able to access these vents from the inside either, so you don't have to worry about them getting clogged at any point.

3. Translucent Roofs 

If these portable restrooms are being used for most of the day, then it's absolutely essential to bring in natural sunlight. Then, people can easily see what they're doing and take care of their business. The best way to bring in natural sunlight is to look for portable restrooms with translucent roofs. 

Throughout the day, sunlight will effortlessly trickle inside these units to provide clarity. Having added light inside these units also will make people feel more comfortable. They won't feel like they're in an uncomfortable environment, where something bad is about to happen. Just make sure it says translucent somewhere in these restroom's product description.

Every outdoor event needs portable restrooms, especially if it's lasting for multiple hours. You won't have to struggle choosing these units so long as you look for the right features. There are many to choose from, but just put an emphasis on what matters most for your guests.