3 Reasons Why Your Event Needs A Restroom Trailer

Are you planning an outdoor event for next summer? Do you want to make sure that all of your guests are able to enjoy themselves fully? One thing that can completely ruin an outdoor event experience is for your guests to not have anywhere to go to relieve themselves. As you may already know, a lack of such facilities can be one of the fastest ways to have a majority of the people leaving your event in a hurry. Instead of relying on local facilities, you may even be considering getting portable toilets. But there is an even better option in the form of restroom trailers. Some advantages of this option include the following.

Better hygiene

With a traditional portable restroom, people may be able to do their business but then they have nowhere to clean their hands afterward. The same thing can happen to an overworked facility that already exists, especially when it's been a few days since the supplies were last refreshed. This can lead to your event inadvertently becoming a vector for the spread of various diseases. With restroom trailer rentals, handwashing facilities are part of the trailer. They will arrive freshly stocked and ready for use. Everyone who wants to wash their hands will be able to do so.

Less confusion

When using standard portable toilets, there can be confusion over whether the crowd should be forming a single line to wait for the next free toilet or whether they should form multiple lines for each individual unit. Tempers can flare up irrationally if one person is perceived to have cut ahead of someone who thinks that the lines were different. With restroom trailer rentals, the interior of the trailer itself is much like a more traditional restroom that you'd find anywhere else. This means that there will be no confusion in regards to line etiquette and which toilet can/should be used next.

More accessibility

Ordinary portable restrooms aren't very handicap friendly. You can rent handicap-accessible facilities, but then you have to try to find somewhere to place them that is also accessible; sometimes a good placement for one type of portable restroom can block the use of the others. But many restroom trailer rentals have handicap-friendly stalls and entryways included as part of the rental. As long as you know where the whole unit is going then everyone will be able to use the facilities without worries.