Factors That Can Increase The Cost Of Your Septic Tank Installation

Your old septic tank has given you a long list of problems, and you know that it is time to have it replaced. If you have a budget that you must work with, one of your biggest concerns about the whole process is how much it is going to cost. Certain factors can make a septic tank installation project more expensive than usual. Here is a short list of those factors. 

The Ground in Your Area Is Especially Rocky or Hard to Dig

Some parts of the country naturally have ground that is rockier than others. Unfortunately, ground that is rockier is much harder to dig, and it is not uncommon for larger rocks to have to be pulled out. This can naturally mean the excavation of the area will be more expensive. 

There Are Old Septic Tank Components That Have to Be Removed First

If your old septic tank or some of its components are still hanging out in the ground, these will have to be removed before your new tank can be installed. You will be charged for the time it takes to remove the old unit, but you may also have expenses for draining the unit and disposing of it when the job is done. 

The Property Is Difficult to Access With Heavy Equipment

Certain types of heavy equipment are usually involved in the septic tank installation process, such as a crane to hoist a new tank in place and an excavator to dig a hole. If your property is very difficult to access, it can mean special amendments have to be made just to get the heavy equipment to your property. Therefore, the end cost could be a bit more. 

The Tank Has to Go Deeper Into the Ground Than Usual

There can be some instances when the septic tank has to go deeper underground so it is rightly protected from the cold temperatures. For example, in far northern states where ground freeze runs deeper into the ground, the tank may have to be placed at a lower level. Therefore, more digging will have to be done and more time will be involved. 

Contact a Septic Tank Installation Company for More Information

Most companies that perform septic tank installations will give you a general estimate of the costs before they get started so you know what to expect. Reach out to a septic tank installation service to obtain a reliable estimate of how much the project will cost.